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Endowments at UVA

This site features select endowed funds at the University of Virginia. Endowments must be funded at certain levels and may be designated for any school, department, or program at the University. They also may be named by the donor.

Endowments produce a steady stream of funding for professorships to recruit and retain distinguished faculty; scholarships and fellowships to support deserving students; lectureships to bring distinguished speakers to Grounds; library acquisitions; and academic prizes to recognize outstanding students and faculty. The University’s unrestricted endowment generates vital funding for operations and enables the University to respond to important needs as they arise. Use the headings above to find out more about specific endowed funds.

Politics Under Pressure

The Center for Politics, founded by University Professor Larry J. Sabato, is a lively place in any election season, but nothing compares with the energy and excitement that accompanies a presidential election.
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Pursuing the Sciences

Allison Matthews: Questions of the Universe
A graduate degree takes initiative, curiosity, persistence, and more. And with a fellowship, graduate students are ready to take on the world. Or even the universe, if you ask Allison Matthews.
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Letters From Abroad

For many of us, traveling removes the limits that our daily lives impose. UVA students Alicia Underhill and Brendan Kim found this out firsthand when they enjoyed the liberating experience of study abroad. “I had the unique pleasure of meeting all sorts of people who have challenged my thinking and altered my perspective,” Underhill wrote. “Traveling throughout Asia opened my eyes to how big and accessible the world is to my generation,” wrote Kim.
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Philosophy & Criminal Law

What does it mean to be morally culpable? Why do we think someone who premeditates deserves more punishment than someone who does not? Should a person who succeeds in their crime receive more punishment than a person who attempts the very same crime but fails?
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James Salter
Faulkner’s Footsteps

Kapnick Foundation Distinguished Writer-in-Residence

Almost sixty years ago, students cutting across the Lawn would routinely encounter a dapper, gray-haired man absentmindedly filling his pipe on the way to his office in Alderman Library. It was William Faulkner, who came to UVA as writer-in-residence during the spring semesters of 1957 and 1958.

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