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Endowments at UVA

Mary Jane Morris Endowed Scholarship

Members of the School of Nursing Class of 1955 created the Mary Jane Morris Endowed Scholarship in honor of their class sponsor, mentor, and friend, Mary Jane Morris (Nursing '42). After graduating, Ms. Morris became a nurse in the Neuro-Psychiatric Department at U.Va. Hospital, advancing quickly to head nurse and then to nursing supervisor. For twelve years Ms. Morris was responsible for the over-sight and instruction of nursing students in Neuro-Psychiatry. In 1954, she joined the Nursing School faculty and taught Fundamentals of Nursing to BSN and diploma students, but returned to the nursing staff in 1957. The following year she became medical supervisor covering eight patient care units. Ms. Morris retired in 1982 after a forty-year career-all of which she spent at U.Va., caring for patients, teaching students, and serving as a mentor and role model for the nurses who followed in her footsteps.

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