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Endowments at UVA

Dorrie Fontaine Undergraduate Nursing Scholarship Fund

The Jeanette Lancaster Undergraduate Nursing Scholarship provides for an annual, merit-based scholarships to graduate students in the School of Nursing. The dean of the School of Nursing selects recipients based on financial need, as well as academic merit. First preference is given to students from the Tidewater region of Virginia. Should all other qualifications be met, the same student will receive the fellowship throughout his or her educational experience. In time, as the endowment grows, more than one student may be selected for this award each year.

In a unique arrangement, the recipients of the scholarship are required to identify and commit a portion of their time while enrolled at the School of Nursing to mentored teaching or research assignments. Through this reciprocal agreement, the students begin to build a sterling academic and clinical career while the school and faculty benefit from their talents and abilities. In this way, the scholarship has the power to change professional lives; these fortunate students might graduate with publication credits, research awards and teaching experiences. These opportunities will make them more marketable for leadership positions in the health care arena and are available to very few students at any nursing school in the nation.

History of Past Recipients and Projects