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Endowments at UVA

Warner - Booker Distinguished Professorship


The Warner-Booker Distinguished Professorship in International Law was funded through a bequest from Donald W. Booker (Law '48) and will support eminent scholars who teach and conduct leading research in the field. The Warner in the chair's title pays tribute to a name long associated with Mr. Booker's family. Donald Booker was born in 1921 in Wilmington, Delaware. After graduating from Tower Hill School in Wilmington, he earned a bachelor's degree at Colgate University in New York in 1943. He then served in World War II as an officer on a U.S. Navy destroyer in the Mediterranean that transported German prisoners captured in Italy to internment camps. After the war, he earned his J.D. degree at Virginia, was accepted into the Delaware Bar, and joined the Wilmington law firm of Morris, James, Hitchens & Williams. A short time later, he opened his own practice, which he maintained until his death on April 24, 2000. Unfailingly loyal to his friends, Mr. Booker was revered as an advocate of justice and a champion of the rule of law. He considered the license to practice law a privilege that must be guarded carefully, never letting business pressures overshadow the principles and responsibilities of the profession.

David A. Martin 2003-May 2016

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