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Endowments at UVA

Joel B. Piassick Research Professorship


The professorship is named in honor of Joel B. Piassick, a member of the Law School Class of 1965. The professorship has been funded by Raymond J. and Kathryn D. Harbert of Birmingham, Alabama. Mr. Harbert is the Chairman & CEO of Harbert Management Corporation, a leading alternative assets investment firm. Mr. and Mrs. Harbert are the proud parents of son John, a second-year student in the College, and in that connection Mr. Harbert is a Parent Trustee of the College Foundation. The honoree of the chair is Joel B. Piassick, a member of the Law School Class of 1965. Mr. Piassick joined Harbert Management Corporation in April 1998 as a Vice President & Director of Investments, and served as the firm's General Counsel from May 2000 through December 2005. He was made an Executive Vice President of the firm in December 2001. Before becoming a member of Harbert Management Corporation, Mr. Piassick served as an outside director and attorney to the firm and its affiliates. From 1967 to 1990, Mr. Piassick practiced with the Atlanta firm of Smith, Gambrell & Russell, and in 1990 he joined the Atlanta firm of Kilpatrick Stockton. Throughout his legal career, Mr. Piassick distinguished himself as an expert in corporations, bankruptcy, creditor's rights, and financial restructuring. Mr. Harbert has enjoyed a long professional and personal relationship with Mr. Piassick. Over the years he has come to admire his friend for many qualities, foremost among them being Mr. Piassick's character, integrity, and judgment. Mr. Piassick embodies the Jeffersonian ideal of the citizen-lawyer, and it is this contribution to the profession and to society that the Law School will recognize in appointing faculty to the chair.

John T. Monahan 2015-present

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