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Endowments at UVA

T. David Fitz-Gibbon Endowed Fund


The T. David Fitz-Gibbon Professorship in Architecture was funded by the T. David Fitz-Gibbon Charitable Trust, with the assistance of Fitz-Gibbon trustees Thomas N. P. Johnson, Jr. (College '41); Thomas N. P. Johnson III (College '73); and William M. Walsh, Jr. (Architecture '61). Mr. Fitz-Gibbon, founder of a Norfolk-based architecture firm, helped organize several chapters of the American Institute of Architects and was a founding member of the Virginia Society of Architects. Other Fitz-Gibbon gifts include a Jefferson Scholarship, two athletics scholarships, a nursing fellowship, a fund for the restoration of the Jeffersonian buildings and grounds, and contributions to the Birdwood Foundation.

In 2016-17, Robin Dripps continued to serve as the T. David Fitz-Gibbon Professor of Architecture. She was elected by the Board of Visitors in 1993.

History of Past Recipients and Projects