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Endowments at UVA

Harry Shure Professorship in Architecture


The Harry Shure Visiting Professorship in Architecture was created by Michael Shure (College '60) in 1985 in memory of his father and was established by the Board of Visitors in 1989. This chair was designed to attract nationally and internationally known architects to the University faculty and provided funds to lead a graduate-level studio each academic year. Mr. Shure studied architecture at the Pratt Institute and was chair of the international management firm, SWIPCO. He was a member of the Architecture advisory board and the New York steering committee of the 1995 Campaign for the University of Virginia. In addition to the visiting professorship, a supplement to the endowment in 1990 was created for the preparation and distribution of a small document that explained the intentions of the studio, its mission, or issues being explored, and a commentary on the outcome.

In 2016-17, the School of Architecture welcomed Alessandra Cianchetta as the Harry Shure Visiting Professor of Architecture. Ms. Cianchetta is a leading architect, urbanist, and the founding partner of AWP, Paris, the award-winning architecture practice.

Through practice, Ms. Cianchetta has examined how the reconfiguration of the modernist urban heritage under today's very different conditions can create liberating environments and new infrastructure for changing social patterns and diverse publics. Her commitment to innovation and research-based practice has led her to explore the nocturnal aspects of urbanism and urban mobilities and the temporary strategies which are part of urbanism's intangible tools. With her practice, Alessandra has developed a research and action project on public mobilities at night funded by the PSA City on the Move foundation, written the book “Nightscapes” (GG, 2009) and co-curated a major exhibition about the Metropolitan Night (Paris la Nuit) at Pavillion de l'Arsenal, Paris Urban Center and at Cornell University, both in 2013.

Current projects include the strategic masterplan plan for the public spaces at La Défense, Paris (161 ha) which regenerates 100,000 sqm of unused space for public use, the key plan for the public spaces of Nanterre, in the suburbs of Paris, the design of a 70,000 sqm public space below la Grande Arche - currently under construction - which will connect deprived and isolated areas of Paris' suburbs to the CBD and from there to Paris' center, an ongoing 85,000 sqm housing and mixed-use sector project in Crissier (Lausanne) on a former disused industrial site, which will transform the landscape of the city and a master plan for an art district in the Unesco heritage site at Stanley Dock, Liverpool. She is also working on a territorial plan for La Reunion (Indian Ocean). Other works include a sequence of public buildings and follies in a park by the Seine nominated for the Mies Van der Rohe Award 2016, the Lantern public space canopy in Sandes, Norway - nominated for the Mies Van der Rohe Award in 2009, the Evry Water Plant and water 'ltration park nominated for the Mies Van der Rohe Award in 2015, Urban Mutations, an exhibition at Cité des Sciences, Paris and the exhibition design for the Louvre and the Italian Embassy in Paris, in 2016.

History of Past Recipients and Projects