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Endowments at UVA

James R. Schlesinger Distinguished Professorship


The James R. Schlesinger Distinguished Professorship at the White Burkett Miller Center of Public Affairs was established in 2007 with an endowment from James R. Schlesinger. Mr. Schlesinger has had a long and distinguished career as an academic, public servant, author, advisor and consultant. He taught economics at the University of Virginia from 1955 to 1963. Mr. Schlesinger has reported directly to three U.S. presidents and served on many commissions and advisory groups. He has received 11 honorary doctorates and numerous awards for distinguished public service. The recipient of this professorship produces significant independent research, participates in Miller Center programs and teaches courses at U.Va.

Eric Edelman became the James R. Schlesinger Distinguished Professorship at the Miller Center in December of 2015. Mr. Edelman, former ambassador to Finland and Turkey, is the Hertog Distinguished Practitioner in Residence at the Johns Hopkins University School of International Studies. Ambassador Edelman has served in senior positions at the Departments of State and Defense as well as the White House. As the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (August, 2005-January 2009), he oversaw strategy development as Department of Defense's senior policy official with global responsibility for bilateral defense relations, war plans, special operations forces, homeland defense, missile defense, nuclear weapons and arms control policies, counter-proliferation, counter-narcotics, counter-terrorism, arms sales, and defense trade controls. During 2016, Ambassador Edelman has participated in Miller Center initiatives (including the Miller Center's First Year Project and American Forum PBS TV show) and continued to speak, write, and advise on foreign policy and national security matters.

History of Past Recipients and Projects