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Endowments at UVA

The University Press of Virginia Victorian Literature and Culture Series Endowment Fund

Cecil Y. Lang and Walker Cowen launched the Victorian Literature and Culture Series, an effort by the University Press of Virginia to identify and publish the best contemporary scholarship and criticism on the Victorian period. It is a tribute to Mr. Lang, who was Professor Emeritus of English at U.Va., and to Cowen, the late director of the University Press, that the series has proved true to their vision.

The series has drawn across disciplines to produce a full and vivid spectrum of new thought on the Victorian era. Through its offerings, the Victorian Literature and Culture Series has established a reputation for addressing issues at the forefront of current scholarship while demonstrating a respect for the learned tradition.

This endowment will provide a perpetual source of support for the publication of new and important work in Victorian studies.

History of Past Recipients and Projects