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Endowments at UVA

John Kenneth Crispell Memorial Fund

Marjorie Crispell created the John Kenneth Crispell Memorial Fund in 2005 to benefit the University in three ways: First, to name 1 West Lawn the Kenneth Crispell Memorial Room in memory of John Kenneth Crispell. The fund goes to support the student who occupies the room free of charge, and is given to a student who reflects a love of life and the spirit of community living, in the hope of preserving the spirit John brought to the Lawn. Second, the fund supports the Constance Louise Crispell Memorial Award. An annual award of $3,000 will be given on graduation to the resident of 1 West Lawn. This award is established to memorialize those special qualities that characterized Connie's approach to life: exuberance, spontaneity and an extraordinary love of life. The creator hopes the recipient will use the award to enjoy an out-of-the-ordinary experience in the best Connie Crispell tradition, or in any way the awardee may deem to be in his or her best interest. Lastly, remaining funds will provide either a scholarship(s) in the name of the Crispell Family to an undergraduate student(s) who demonstrates urgent, unexpected need, and/or will fund, in the name of the Crispell family, events or activities on the Lawn for the benefit of Lawn residents.